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An IME is an Independent Medical Examination.

  • An IME is a comprehensive medical examination performed by an independent physician or a non-treating physician at the request of a 3rd party for non-treatment purposes.

An IME is a Non-Treating Medical Examination.

  • The IME implies a very different patient physician relationship as the physician only provides information to the requesting 3rd party.

  • There is no obligation on the physician to discuss treatment, provide medications, and or arrange for referrals or follow up.

  • The physician’s only obligation is to provide the requested information to the referring 3rd party with the consent of the person being examined.

  • The requesting 3rd party provides factual material and medical information about the person to be examined.

  • The examining physician answers specific questions asked by the 3rd party.

The purpose of an IME is to:

  • determine, confirm or clarify the diagnosis.

  • determine the extent of impairment.

  • determine the prognosis.

  • determine if the individual has reached maximal medical improvement.

  • determine suitability to return to work.

  • determine the need for additional therapy or treatment.

  • determine causation of impairment.

  • determine attribution of injury to symptoms and impairment.

Types of IME’s

  1. Insurance IME (Non Tort)

  2. Medical Legal IME (Tort)

  3. 3rd Party IME (Non Tort and Non Insurance)

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