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Independent Medical Reviews. (IMR)

  • This service does not involve or require a clinical consultation.

  • An IMR is a review of medical documentation only.

  1. Basic IMR

  2. Comprehensive IMR


Independent Medical Examination. (IME)

  • This services involve or require a clinical consultation with the examinee.

  • An IME is a complete evaluation and includes a IMR as well as a clinical consultation.

  1. Insurance IME (Non Tort)

  2. Medical Legal IME (Tort)

  3. 3rd Party IME (Non Tort and Non Insurance)

  4. Certified Examination (As per the Minor Injury Regulation of The Insurance Act of Alberta)

Expert Medical Opinions (EMO)

  • This service is also known as VSC (Visiting Specialist Clinic).

  • This service is a standard specialist consultation for diagnosis and treatment if appropriate.

  • Non-treating Medical Examiner does not apply if after examination it is determined that there is no conflict of interest and a regular patient physician relationship can appropriately be established


  • Verbal Reports are provided prior to drafting typed reports where appropriate.

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